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Justin Anderson, left, and other Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologists capture trout in the Ogden river to study the health of the fish population as part of the Ogden River Restoration Project in Ogden, Utah. 443 fish were captured, studied and released back into the river within a four hour period.
Ava Pina, 8, strokes her mother’s face as she rests on their way back from a day of medical appointments at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas.
(from left to right) Jeremy Nesbold, Adam Hickl and Rob Page watch the movement of the prescribed fire in Fannin, Texas. The team, led by The Nature Conservacy, was working to burn out invasive brush in an effort to allow the native grasses to regrow to help preserve the prairies in Texas. As part of prescribed burns, they set the fire in a manner that allows the smoke to rise into the air rather than waft low where it could obscure roads or visibility nearby.
Kathleen Duncan / The Hutchinson News The miner rescue team looks at a map in the mine during the mock mine disaster drill at HCC South Campus. Teams of rescue miners went into the mine simulation to find, diagnose and rescue trapped and/or hurt miners.
(left to right) Jenni Boren, 24, Hank Pahmiyer, 23, and Kc Boren, 22, of Victoria, wave to a honking trucker as they paddle along in the ditch beside U.S. Highway 87 during a storm in Victoria, Texas. “The water was there and it was inviting. Truckers would honk at us as they went by and give their approval, everyone else probably thought we were nuts.” Kc said.
A volunteer mixes medicine for patients by headlamp after the electricity goes out in a HELPS International base in Guatemala.
Clowns Paige Borak and Quinlan Mozisek balance plates on sticks during Circus Camp at Gymagic Tuesday morning.
Jane Lehman, 10, looks at the butterflies at the Hospice of South Texas Sunday. The Hospice of South Texas celebrated their 25th anniversary with patients and their families. They had a butterfly release to honor the founding members of the hospice and those the hospice center has helped. KATHLEEN DUNCAN / KDUNCAN@VICAD.COM
Cindy Schneider, 59, who is disabled, sitting in her federally subsidized apartment at Garden Grove Apartments in Ogden, Utah. In August the apartments were about to undergo construction by Kier Property Management and she was worried she would be displaced as a result of it. Despite management’s reassurances prior to construction, she was served with eviction notice a few months later when she was unable to make rent. Schneider, who suffers from severe anxiety attacks, landed in the hospital on Nov. 2 and returned home the evening of Nov. 5. She says that the renovations caused the stress that landed her in the hospital and made her unable to pay her rent on time.
Luz Maria walks down one of many rows to place the paper boxes that protect the new olive trees that are being planted at the Welch farm in Victoria, Texas. JonAnn and Jackie Welch started their olive farm on 100 acres of land with 60,000 trees.
Staff Sergeant Brian Seward hugs his three daughters Skye Seward, 8, Journee Seward, 10 and Stevee Seward, 8, at North Park Elementary School in Roy, Utah. Seward had just returned from serving in Afghanistan and surprised his children by appearing at the end of the school assembly on stage.
John Gonzales prepares lunch orders in the kitchen of the McFaddin Cafe in McFaddin, Texas. Gonzales went to culinary school for french cooking but said the meals at McFaddin Cafe are more traditional due to the clientele. Chicken friend steak and patty melts are the most popular lunch orders that he cooks for his customers in the a mercantile store turned restaurant.
Brett Horspool holds his son Zac Horspool, 1, at their home in Ogden, Utah. Zac has GM1 gangliosidosis which progressively destroys neurons in the brain, slowing and then regressing development. As a result, Zac has lost muscle control, the ability to eat solid food and movement he previously had and is not expected to live past the age of 3-years-old. Zac turned 2-years-old on October 13, 2014.
Cody Langridge, Victoria Firefighter, holds a schnauzer rescued from a fire at 1704 N. Vine St. in Victoria, Texas. The fire occurred at a pet daycare run out of the home of Heidi Uresti-Sanchez, who wasn’t home at the time of the fire. Firefighters administered oxygen to four dogs and a cat that they rescued from the home.